Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Earring

glimmering, shining in perfect symmetry
but sadness ensues
the pair no longer a pair
rather a singular being
lonely unable to function
its presence no meaning.

but let us revisit
this dilemma we encounter
open your eyes wide so you may see
the being of you and me complete.

right to left yes a presence of imbalance
but face to face lies answers to questions
with our souls stripped bare
my eyes to your eyes
my feet to your feet
my heart to your heart
and everything beneath and in between
and how perfect my in-between-finger-crevice cradle your fingers tightly
igniting nerves
shuttling this message on a journey
telling the mind
that definitely and spiritually that this has to be
doubts erased, purposely misplaced
so that the naked ear can listen to this heart beat, beating complimentarily.

so let me be the object that hangs around you
and chime sweet sounds in your ear as you glide through
the crowd
and emit your radiance
for it not the glimmer of your earrings needing to shine
but your mere presence.


  1. awesome poem! not as good as bbq tho. jk.

  2. ahh, the answer to the disappearing earring. i love it! you are a genius in your own way, kevin.

    p.s. i found your blog through nina's profile, which i found through mark's blog. haha.