Saturday, February 28, 2009


Mr. Mailman
just sent me a telegram
explaining the phenomenom
of this parallelogram.

It reads:
Dimensions the same
me, he
you and shethe idea of...
this can never be.

The idea perceived to be
so obtuse
but with acute perception
we explore the truth .

Complications arise
problem ensue
but the simple nature of the fact being
wanting it to be he + she/ me+you.

Ideals coming from different angles
flannels and glasses and shirts, oh my
his and mine the same
how could you be so heartless?
yours and hers too
in limbo we remain.

Coming from different ends of the spectrum
180 degrees
and yet you remain
complementary, completing me.

Round and round we go
360 degrees
it's hip to be square
we'll be all right, you'll see.

You approached me at the right angle
supplementary to my being
the great encourager
exposing life with more meaning.

Each equation
calculated with utmost precision
yet remaining questionable destiny
to keep you as an integral part of our lives
as we approach infinity.


  1. "the great encourager
    exposing life with more meaning."

    beautiful lines...thank you.